Look to Ark Station! We are specialized in field engineering.

Ark Station provides outsourcing solutions focusing on technical support including repair and maintenance as well as sales for various electronic devices and industrial equipment. We also provide emergency staffing services for designing, research and development, prototyping/assessment, manufacturing, delivery, installation work, etc.

Our engineers carry out maintenance and customer support instead of you.

Cost reduction is inevitable for current global businesses. Meeting the demand of an end-user for life extension and/or operation cost reduction of new or pre-owned equipment, we promote the equipment life extension business instead of the equipment manufacturers as a certified company by providing services such as procurement of required maintenance parts on our own accord, selection of competitive parts, fabrication of alternative products.

For equipment manufacturers planning to enter the Japanese market or continuing business in Japan:

Maintenance and other support services of new or pre-owned equipment for end-users in Japan must be one of the big problems for you. With experiences as a "certified" maintenance contractor and sales representation, and our "professional" engineers, Ark Station will be your reliable partner in Japan, rather a mere staffing provider, which deals with all the activities you need there in addition to maintenance outsourcing resolutions. Please consult us.