Business Lineup

Sales Representation

When targeting to expand sales of foreign equipment in Japan, a support system after delivery is a biggest challenge you face. How to build a nationwide support system is what worries you and also gives the end-users cause for anxiety.
Ark Station has a wide variety of plans to respond to your various needs based on wealth of experience of sales representation.
We have entered such sales and service contracts with foreign equipment manufacturers.

Benefits of Manufacturer & Distributor

Support for New Business

A trading company planning to sell foreign equipment or products, an entrepreneurial venture or a company planning a new business newly in Japan,
do you have trouble in recruiting personnel or manpower cost?
Ark Station provides you with a solution by our experienced engineers who specialize in a lot of different areas including:

  • research and development
  • assistance in evaluation
  • assistance in production or quality management
  • application
  • establishing a local support base or inventory management.

In addition to above, for mid-carrier recruitment or maintenance support, please contact us.

Technical Support and Contract Services only Ark Station would offer

Our staff with extensive experience, expertise, technique, and skill supports your business activities!

Take advantage of our staff when you have any trouble such as:

  • A replacement is not found when your personnel quits suddenly;
  • There is a shortage of manpower for increased work; or
  • No suitable person is found for new project.

We have experienced engineers who have worked for semiconductor manufacturing equipment and testing and analyzing equipment for wafer processing, packaging and testing processing, and mounting processing as well as various industrial machines. With these engineers, contracted services including maintenance, installation / startup, and other field support are available whether the contract is short-or long-term, or whether the contract type is full-service or individual.

We also have English- or Chinese-speaking engineers and we have experienced overseas startup services. Dispatching engineers directly to your end-user is available with our staff residing around an area such as semiconductor production base (for example, Yokkaichi city, Mie Prefecture, Japan).