Safety and Education

Our approach to safety and health

The Ark Station performs a range of business activities including development, manufacturing, transportation, installation, and maintenance with the highest priority on the safety and health of all personnel from top management to frontline staff and makes proactive and continuous improvements to enhance safety and promote good health.

  • Safety First
    Based on the principle of "safety first,"we strive to create safer products and work to maintain and improve the safety of all people involved with our products and healthy workplace environments.
  • Pursuit of Safe Technologies
    With an awareness of the factors that impair safety and health in our various business activities, we continuously strive to create safer and more secure workplaces by making improvements concerning those factors and through intrinsically-safe equipment designs and superior service capabilities.
  • Education
    Our staff is trained about safety and work in a clean room by the instructors with the certificate for the Service and Safety Training recommended by SEAJ (Semiconductor Equipment Association Japan).
  • Specialist & License
    Every one of our engineering staff is encouraged to get the certificate for the Second Class Electric Work Specialist, an indicator of our engineering level. In addition to this, acquisition of qualification required for your specific activities is available.